Medium Firm - High Resilience Foam mattress with Memory Foam

Rs. 7,830 Rs. 24,000

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Constructed to be bouncy at the base with 100% pure and filler free High resilience foam and topped with TempSense memory foam. 

  • • Custom sizes available
  • • Long-lasting, Durable, Comfortable.
  • • 5 Year Replacement Warranty
  • • 100-nights in house trial
Size Dimensions *
Size Dimensions

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Your day starts a night earlier, Medium Firm was designed to give your back perfect support and comfort.

Medium Firm is constructed with a High resilience foam bare with TempSense memory foam which remembers the position in which you are sleeping reducing tossing and turning through out the night by 70%.

100% Viscose
outer cover

Memory Foam

A specialty foam of 25mm that remembers the position in which you are sleeping reducing tossing and turning through out your 8 hours of sleep.

High Resilience
Comfort Foam

This 25mm layer act as comfort layer and uniforms the bse for perfect memory foam action to take place.

100% Pure Foam High
resilient foam

100mm thickness block with medium density and great resilience gives the mattress its “Medium Firmness”.

Getting Better Sleep Shouldn't Be Exhausting

Firmness Meter

Our Mattress is an 8 out of 10 a scale from soft to firm.
Look below to see how it compares to conventional mattresses.


Pocketed Spring



Bonnel spring




Ready to Order, Questions ?

Why Medium Firm?+

Choosing a mattress is a very personalised experience. Snug & Sleep medium firm mattress has a high resilient foam which gives medium bounce and TempSense memory for enhanced sleeping experience. Medium Firm Mattress is liked by people:
• Who are Side sleepers
• Who currently use Foam mattress, foam combination mattress, Bonnel Spring Mattress.
• Have been recommended Medium firm mattress/base by doctors.
• Use a thick Cotton mattress on floor, bed base.
Age Group: All age Groups

What types of mattresses are manufactured by Snug & Sleep?+

Snug & Sleep is focussed to design premium mattresses with technical expertise. We currently manufacture Firm, Medium Firm and Plush mattresses with TempSense memory foam based on the feel requirements of an individual.

What is the difference between Firm, Medium Firm and Plush Mattress?+

The difference lies in what we call as the “Core” of the mattress which defines the feel of the overall product. Firm: Orthopedic Rebonded Foam Base, Medium firm: High resilience foam base, Plush: Pocketed Spring base. They are topped with same speciality foams like High resilience foam layer to add uniformity and TempSense memory foam for soft and conforming top surface.

What is Memory Foam?+

Memory foam is specially formulated foam that remembers the position in which you are sleeping by contouring to your body shape. On an average a human being during an 8 hours sleep tosses and turns 100-120 times resulting in disturbed sleep. When you are using a TempSense memory foam it is reduced considerably by 70% to 30-40 times.

What is the difference between TempSense memory foam and other “Memory Foam”?+

TempSense as the name suggests is temperature sensitive pressure point relieving memory foam which has been evolved over a decade of our experience in Mattress and Bedding industry. We researched on different body weights, sleeping patterns and individual’s requirement and curated best in industry memory foam which is soft and conforming at the same time. By being sensitive to temperature it adjusts its density to make your sleeping hours comfortable based on the surroundings.

Does all mattresses have BreezeTech fabric?+

Yes all mattresses are encapsulated in BreezeTech fabric to keep the base of the mattress breeze and doesn’t let humidity or heat built up at the core which can break down your mattress after prolonged use.

Why do Snug & Sleep mattresses cost the same and so low?+

Snug & Sleep focuses on decluttering the Mattress market by traditional companies and online startups who are confusing the customers on the basis of price and different material. We at Snug & Sleep believes that Mattresses and pillows are preferred on the basis of how it feels: Firm, Medium Firm or Plush. Although cost of manufacturing is different but we don’t want our customers confused.
Snug & Sleep has eradicated the multiple layers of margin which is passed on to the retailer or distributor with direct from factory to consumer supply chain.

How long will I take to get accustomed to Snug & Sleep new mattress?+

Human beings are initially resistant to change. Your body will take 2-3 weeks to adapt to new sleep experience created by Snug & Sleep. The reason behind the philosophy of different feel is for you to choose a Mattress close to sleep surface you are accustomed to in previous mattress with added features like TempSense and BreezeTech

How do I know which feel is right for me?+

Mattresses are a very personal product because you spend 1/3rd of your life on it. You best know your sleep surface preference but we will try to help you getting close to the desired feel based on your current product category. faq_img
If you don’t like your Snug & Sleep Mattress’s firmness level you can change it before 100 nights Free trial for free for another firmness level.

How long will my Snug & Sleep Mattress last?+

The mattresses at Snug & Sleep are deigned to last you long and comes with a warranty period of 5 Years. Based upon the care instructions, usage of accessories like SuperGuard Protector the life of the mattress can be enhanced.

Can Snug & Sleep mattresses be customised in size? +

Yes, we can customise any Snug & Sleep mattress to any size requirement. The customers are charged for next higher size. For Eg If you are ordering a mattress of size 72x71x6” then you will be charged for next higher standard size i.e 72x72x6”. Please refer below for standard size chart.
72x30 75x30 78x30






















Once we receive the odd size order we will get in touch with you to understand if you have missed any important aspect of odd size measurement.

Does Snug & Sleep offer mattresses in other than 6” thickness?+

No. As of now Snug & Sleep has mattresses in one thickness which is mostly standard across the geography of India.

Can I clean the cover of the mattress?+

All the mattresses of Snug & Sleep comes with zipped cover. This is to give you confidence that we are delivering what we are showing on our website unlike traditional players who give stitched cover with what’s inside the delivered mattress a mystery.
We recommend you unzip the cover and clean the necessary spots with mild detergent gently dabbing. However do not machine wash the cover it may shrink and will be difficult to put it back.
Snug & Sleep emphasizes on sleep hygiene and recommends you use SuperGuard Protector which can be washed in the washing machine and will help you get rid of all the bacteria’s, germs and viruses breeding in your sleep system

What is the weight capacity of Snug & Sleep mattress?+

Snug & SleepFirm and Medium Firm variants can support 400 kgs on one side for a king Size (72x72 inches) and 250 Kgs on one side for Plush variant in King size (72x72 inches)

Can a mattress be replaced if wrong size is ordered by mistake?+

Yes. You can call us on +918448424425 or email us at and team of experts will initiate a pick up and also will make sure that correct size is delivered to you at the earliest.

How does 100 night free trial period works?+

Before end of 100 night free trial period, please call us to initiate a pick up. 100% refund will be processed subject to T&C.

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