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SuperGuard Membrane

SuperGuard Membrane

Innovative and exclusive technology known as the SuperGuard membrane provides unmatched comfort and security while you rest. This cutting-edge membrane was created utilising science to be waterproof, eliminating discomfort-causing seepage of precipitation through your sleeping surface. The SuperGuard membrane has been effectively evaluated for microbiological activity in addition to its waterproof capabilities, protecting you against bacteria, dust mites, pollen, and other allergens that induce itch and discomfort.

BreezeTech Inner Fabric

BreezeTech fabric is constructed from an extremely fine ventilating material, intended to absorb moisture from the body while you are sleeping, giving you 100% comfort and a rejuvenating morning. Facilitated with air movement, your bedding remains aired with zero moisture, unlike conventional fabrics which retain heat and humidity.

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Definitely! Our range of pillows are wrapped in 100% organic cotton and made with hypoallergenic micro-denier fibre and 100% shredded natural latex.
TempSense as the name suggests is temperature sensitive pressure point relieving memory foam which has been evolved over a decade of our experience in Mattress and Bedding industry. We researched on different body weights, sleeping patterns and individual’s requirements and curated best in industry memory foam which is soft and conforming at the same time. By being sensitive to temperature it adjusts its density to make your sleeping hours comfortable for a true good night’s sleep.
No. At Snug & Sleep, we only offer a trial for mattresses for nighttime sleep. Other accessories like pillow cover are accessible to purchase online or from retail locations.
Owing to a special waterproof layer that prevents any leakage into the sleeping surface giving you a comfortable dry experience of a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, the SuperGuard is developed post a microbial activity testing which helps in protecting you against any infections, viruses or pathogens up to a max. of 4 microns.

Yes, the outer cover of all our pillows has SuperGuard technology. The outer covers can be removed and washed in washing machine with mild detergent in normal water and flat dry after tumble dry.

To wash and care for your outer cover, machine wash with cold water. Line dry or tumble dry with no heat. Drying your protector outside on a dry-line will naturally brighten it. Bleaching the protector is not recommended—bleach has harsh chemicals that will break down the SuperGuard over time.

Your sleep preferences determine which type of pillow is most suitable for you. Latex pillows and memory foam pillows offer exceptional head and neck support tailored to different sleeping positions. They are both hypoallergenic and prevent the development of dust mites and other allergens. However, if you tend to sleep hot, a latex pillow made entirely of natural materials will be more breathable than a memory foam pillow.

Buy Comfortable and Durable Pillows Online

Sleep is essential for both physical and mental well-being. And in this aspect, the bed pillows are crucial. Hence, Snug & Sleep provides a wide range of premium pillows online that ensure a goodnight sleep after a long day. Innovative finest hollow fibres are utilised in our pillows to promote consistent airflow between the layers. Additionally, they adapt to your neck while you rest, decreasing back and neck pain, being soft, fluffy, and inviting to lean on.

Pillow Online Shopping is easy as a breeze with Snug & Sleep. Whether you want to buy pillows for lumbar support or your own personal preference, you can shop for pillows from an array of our collection to ensure maximum comfort. So without any further ado, explore and buy pillow online from the one and only Snug & Sleep!

How Do I Pick The Right Pillow?

The cushion you choose will depend on the position you usually adopt. For instance, it’s important to have a pillow that retains the curve of the neck since majority customers like to sleep on their backs. On the contrary, people sleeping on their sides pick a pillow that supports a straight neck. And for stomach sleepers, it may be best to use a little pillow or maybe none at all in that situation. So pick the best pillows for sleeping in India available from Snug & Sleep online today.

Our sleep products are made to be the most ergonomically perfect for modern Indian homes. To guarantee that everyone in India may enjoy real comfort, we believe that the greatest products should be supplied at the best prices. Find out more about our pillows to construct the home of your dreams in your desired budget today

Memory Foam Pillows From Snug & Sleep

Your comfort is our priority at Snug & Sleep, thus, we provide a variety of wonderful memory foam pillows. You can rest easily and soundly due to the enhanced support and pressure relief provided by our memory foam pillows. They are made with premium materials which ensure contouring of your head for proper spine alignment and alleviation from discomfort by previous sufferings. Body temperature is also regulated, keeping it cool and comfortable. So without further ado, choose the preferred high-loft or low-loft memory foam pillow to suit your unique sleeping preferences from Snug & Sleep and feel revived every morning.