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Waterproof Mattress Protector


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It is essential to use a mattress protector to keep bed bugs, mould, mildew, and other pollutants away from the mattress. It equally resists spills caused by animals or children, and provide protection from excessive humidity.

The protector is made of Viscose Fabric with a polyurethane film. The polyurethane film creates the protective barrier SuperGuard. The protector has elastic and can be fitted on the Mattress like a fitted sheet.


Owing to a special waterproof layer that prevents any leakage into the sleeping surface giving a comfortable dry experience. Furthermore, the SuperGuard is developed post a microbial activity testing which helps in protecting you against any infections, viruses or pathogens up to a max. of 4 microns.

To wash and care for your protector, machine wash with cold water. Line dry or tumble dry with no heat. Drying your protector outside on a dry-line will naturally brighten it. Bleaching the protector is not recommended—bleach has harsh chemicals that will break down the SuperGuard over time.

It is recommended that you replace your mattress protector every 5 years or so, taking into account regular usage and washing.

100 wash cycles if wash instructions are adhered to.

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The cleanliness, resilience, and originality of the mattress are all improved by a waterproof design that makes sure no liquid ever gets to it. Our waterproof mattress protectors online can therefore withstand anything, despite you eating on the bed frequently and unexpected spills from your children. The mattress protector from Snug & Sleep provides 100% water resistance, is airy, dust and mite free and doesn’t make any plasticky rattling noises.

The life of your mattress is protected by the mattress protector from Snug & Sleep. Whether single or king size mattress protectors, all of them are simple to wrap on all corners for a wrinkle-free fitted sheet. To finish prepping the mattress for sleep, place the bed sheet on the upper side of the bed protector sheet. By preventing allergens like bacteria, pollen, and dust mites, this technologically created top layer aids in maintaining the standards. Simply place the protector in a washing machine when you feel like laundering it. Visit the Snug & Sleep mattress protector website and purchase one right away.