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Buying a quality mattress and bed pillows are investments you make to achieve a sound, healthy sleep. A new mattress light up the entire bedroom, adds value to your life, and refreshes your tired body, mind, and soul. But, with time, dirt and debris accumulate inside the mattresses. It starts looking dirty due to dust, allergens, sweat, dead skin cells, and coffee spills. Mattresses are expensive; it’s hard to replace it with a new one every 5-10 months. So, what can we do? Here is the answer.

You can buy mattress protector online from &Sleep to prevent harmful substances getting inside your respiratory tract. Mattress protectors save you the tedious task of dusting every weekend and get rid of stains and dirt. All you need to do is wash the protectors once in a while, which is an easy job. Unlike the bulky mattresses, the protectors can easily toss and turn in the washing machine; you don’t have to wash it manually. Also, the protectors can be accumulated for mattress of every shape and size – Single, Double, and King size mattress.

While buying mattress protector online, you can filter out the specifications depending on the price, colour, fabric, size, waterproof features, and discounts. Whether you are planning to buy latex pillows online, or mattress protectors in Pune, we have products for everyone in every range. Browse through our website and shop for a quality mattress, protectors, pillows, and a lot more.

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What’s the difference FAQ

Which is the best Pillow to buy?+

Many prestigious bedding companies have launched their best pillows to enhance their client’s beauty sleep. &Sleep suggests you should only choose to buy latex pillows online. They are soft yet offer maximum support to your neck and spine. They are considered to be a safe and natural option compared to the memory foam pillow.

How to find the best pillow store in India?+

If you are looking for the best pillow buy in India, look no further than &Sleep. Our exclusive collection of pillows is known to have pain-relief potential for all your orthopaedic concerns. Also, our extensive customer support team ensure the clients receive a customized product to match with their sleeping preferences.

How to know which pillow is right for me?+

No one will deny the fact that a bad pillow cause neck pain and we wake up with a crick and tired brain. With &Sleep, you can best buy pillow online in Pune. Our pillow products are well-known for durability and are highly-comfortable. Each product is described well to help the customers choose by filtering their options such as filling material, fabric, warranty, wash cycles, and pricing.

How thick should be my pillow?+

Ideally, a pillow should have an elevation of at least 4-6 inches from your mattress. Choose a pillow with fillings that doesn’t deflate quickly.

What is the use of a Mattress Protector?+

It creates a barrier between your mattress and dust, allergens, debris, etc. You can enjoy your bed-tea and evening snacks without worrying about spills and stains. People suffering from respiratory diseases such as Asthma, sinus, or are dust allergic can get rid of rapid sneezing and discomfort with a mattress protector.

Do we need a mattress protector?+

Yes! Buying a mattress protector will protect you and your loved one from many diseases in the long run. It will keep your mattress look squeaky-clean and prevent it from getting dirty with dust, sweats, stains, allergens, dead skin cells, and microorganisms. Apart from these primary functions, a mattress protector also serves as a fantastic décor element, which adds value to your entire bedroom.

How often should I wash my mattress protectors?+

Eventually, mattress protectors are meant to extend the life of your mattress, so you need to keep it clean. Ideally, experts recommend washing the mattress protector after every two months. &Sleep offers guaranteed 100 wash cycles for their wide-range of pillow and mattress protectors.

Is a mattress protector waterproof?+

Mattress protectors come in a wide range of pricing, fabric, and colour. The protectors are used to protect the mattress from bed-wetting and allergic substances. Currently, the mattress pads and mattress toppers are trending among quality protectors. They are expensive but offer high-quality comfort, thus worth-investing.

Are Mattress protectors comfortable?+

Yes, definitely! A mattress protector shields your mattress from spills, stains, pet messes, and allergens. You can keep your mattress dry and fresh every time you need to crash on it. The best part is, even after multiple washes, the mattress protectors retain its best waterproofing quality. Shop for our mattress protectors online and get guaranteed 100 wash cycle mattress products.

Can you machine wash the mattress protectors?+

Yes. Unlike the mattress which you need to clean manually, mattress protectors can easily fit inside your washing machine and toss-n-turn to get cleaned.

Do mattress protectors prevent bed bugs?+

Mattress protectors certainly prevent bed bugs from getting inside your mattress and bite the sleeper. But, they are not an alternative solution for bed bugs treatment. Mattress protectors are designed to extend your mattress’s life by preventing harmful elements, stains, and allergens that affect the sleeper’s respiratory organs.


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