Work From Bed - Productivity Hacks  You need to know During Lockdown- Part-1

Work From Bed - Productivity Hacks You need to know During Lockdown- Part-1

Whether you are a full-time freelancer or had to navigate work-from-home situation due to current lockdown, you cannot deny the fact that bed is the most comfortable place for working, maybe you are reading this article while lying on your bed. Don’t worry; we are not here to make you stop working from the bed as an act of self-care.

Instead, what if we say that working from your bed actually increases your productivity if done right?

Yes, it is scientifically proven that people respond to their work emails, create new ideas, and have a great conversation over a telephonic meeting while sitting on their comfortable bed. One reason behind this can be - Our mind is at peace when we work from our bedroom. After all, the bedroom is the quietest place of the house, and the bed is the most comfortable space. When our body and mind is at peace, it’s obvious to brainstorm new ideas and enhance your productivity.

But, if you are not enjoying your work from bed, chances are you are doing something wrong. To get extra comfortable, you need to do things right first. Keep reading to find the three essential buys and create a luxurious bed for your work without debilitating the quality sleep.

How to increase our productivity while working from bed?

Not everyone is blessed with apartments that come with a separate office space. So, here are a few things you can add to your bed to boost your productivity while doing office work or studying in bed.

Back Support Pillow

The traditional method of using a balled-up blanket as back support can damage your spine, back, and neck. Also, prolonged hours of sitting in one position need an excellent posture to be maintained. Our 100% Latex foam pillow is designed for Accu-Pressure feel that increases the air circulation and breathability. Thus, providing comfort to your entire back posture. Also, the product comes with a washable outer cover to remove dust and bacteria after prolonged usage. The pillow is designed with Super Guard Technology that acts as a barrier between dust, allergens, viruses, and bacteria.

A Quality Mattress

Since you will be spending 18-20 hours inside your bed, it must be designed to better wick away the moisture from your body and remain soft and cool even in summer days. Choose from an array of mattresses according to your sleep preferences. We have firm mattresses, medium-firm mattresses, and plush mattresses to help everyone find their perfect sleep mattress. Out of all, the Plush bedding is designed on springs with no motion technology to prevent tossing-turning disturbance between you and your sleeping partner. The Plush mattress designed and manufactured by &Sleep, has specially calibrated high resilience foam for quality sleep experience. Also, its breathable inner fabric keeps the bed cool in summer days. You can shop for the Plush mattresses on our website now.

Mattress Protector

We all have experienced a spill of morning coffee, tea, breakfast, or evening snacks. Without a mattress protector, within a few days, your mattress will accumulate bacteria, allergens, pathogens, virus, and harmful microorganisms that can cause severe respiratory disorders. At &Sleep, we offer protectors for both bedding and pillows to ensure our clients have a safe sleep-work environment in their bedroom. The protectors have soft varicose surface and are 100% waterproof. Above all, it comes with a brand warranty of 100 wash cycles.

Work from home can be fun with the right products and elements. Lack of which can cause severe orthopaedic conditions, which further result in low work performance level. To know more about our products, call us today or tour our website for a perfect, healthy, and safe mattress product. 


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