Buying Mattress Protector – Will It Be Worth It?

Buying Mattress Protector – Will It Be Worth It?

Many times when we suggest our clients to buy a mattress protector for their brand-new mattress, we immediately receive a "No" response. Customers feel that we are trying to upsell the products. What so many people do not realize is that mattress protector plays a crucial role in protecting their mattress and health.

In one statement, "A mattress protector protects your mattress from outside elements such as dust, bacteria, virus, and debris from accumulating inside your mattress. A human body produces many gross fluids while asleep like sweat, saliva, and dead skin cells. It stays on the bed for a very long period, and slowly damages the sleeper's respiratory system". Mattress protectors work as a protective barrier between these human fluids and mattress.

Before you jump on the decision not to buy a mattress protector online or from any store, here are a few things we as mattress experts want you to comprehend.

Don't you want your mattress clean and fresh all the time?

As we earlier mentioned, the human body perspires all night. We produce sweat and dead skin while asleep. Many fall asleep with their make-ups on. Many people do not feel so well and get a body massage with oil to get relief. With each passing day, these activities keep producing germs, bacteria, and harmful viruses on your mattress's surface. Over time, it can trigger your allergy, nausea, sinus issues, and skin infection.

A mattress protector blocks the harmful bacteria from getting down into your mattress. And when you feel like it's time to wash the mattress protector, you can simply wash it with a good quality detergent inside a washing machine.

Don't you want your mattress to last long?

Mattresses are expensive but worth a buy. A good-quality mattress keeps you away from spine problems, orthopaedic issues, neck pain, and also delivers a good night's sleep to boost your immune system. However, due to sweat, liquid spills, and stains shorten the life span of the mattress. Also, any stain or mark on the bed will invalidate your warranty period.

A mattress protector extends your mattress life by preventing all kinds of stain. For example, a kitchen sponge captivates the germs and bacteria on your kitchen utensils, and you can easily clean the sponge afterward. Similarly, a mattress protector absorbs the liquid spills and stops it from entering the mattress. You can wash off the stains later with warm water and detergent.

Don't you want a "bugs-free" bed?

Bed bug crawling inside the bed is everyone's worst nightmare. It feels gross to lie down on the bed filled with bed bugs and can be a threat to your health. The bed bugs are tiny blood-sucking insects mostly present inside a mattress and bed. These creatures feed on human blood and flakes of their dead skin cells. When we lie down on the bed, unknowingly, we leave our skin cells on the bedsheet for bed bugs to feed on.

A mattress protector seals your dead skin, absorbs the sweat, and outside germs to prevent the bugs from feeding on them. Not using a mattress protector increases your risk of causing health such as constant sneezing, runny nose, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Mattress protectors are very-very important, not just for your mattress but for your entire family's well-being.

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