Gentle as a whisper: Our heavenly soft sheets.

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Promotes air circulation through the sheets but prevents against moisture seepage from night sweating and possible spills & stains


Indulge in luxury bedding without breaking the bank. Our 300-thread-count sheets offer the ultimate combination of comfort and value


Sleep easy knowing that our bedsheets are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, which means they are free of harmful chemicals. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!


Our bedsheets are made from sustainably grown and harvested cotton, minimizing the environmental impact of your sleep

Inquiring minds want to know

The thread count indicates the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of cotton fabric, with higher counts resulting in warmer fabrics. Our sateen cotton sheets have a 300 thread count, offering an optimal balance of breathability and softness.

While some might assume that higher thread count sheets are always superior, that’s not necessarily the case for those who tend to sweat in their sleep. Higher thread counts produce denser weaves, which in turn lead to less breathability and less cooling. Experts suggest that to achieve a balance of comfort and luxury, a thread count ranging from 200 to 400 is recommended. We opted for a 300 thread count for Snug & Sleep’s bedsheets, which are designed to promote airflow and coolness.

Yes, we are constantly looking to expand our options and offer more choices to our customers. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages @snugandsleep for updates on new colour releases.

To keep your bedding looking its best, wash it in cold water with like colours on a gentle cycle. Avoid bleach and use mild, organic detergents. Tumble dry on low heat and promptly remove from the dryer. Note that our bedding is intentionally made slightly larger to account for natural shrinkage after the first wash.

It is recommended that you replace your mattress protector every 5 years or so, taking into account regular usage and washing.